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Our Curriculum

We are proud of being a Chinese language provider of systematic easy-stepped levels, proven methodology and tailor-made learning programs. We provide different types of classes, namely: Conversation, Tuition, Business, and Exam Preparation YCT, HSK, HSKK, and BCT test. We can also cater to the needs of students who are doing iPSLE, IGCSE, A Levels, IB, and other curriculum. Our curriculum is designed for foreign students who wants to learn Chinese in an enjoyable way.  


Our curriculum allows students to expand vocabulary and develop Chinese language abilities in a natural way focusing on Chinese communication skill. Classes are adapted to focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to help the students achieve their personal or professional goals. Our online tutorial e-learning support provides our students maximum flexibility in their Chinese studies.

Our curriculum’s main objective is to study practical conversation. By watching videos showing various kinds of situations, students will recognise and understand vocabulary, pair everyday words together with grammar to form short phrases, and learn the correct way to express words used in day-to-day life.

The curriculum aims to develop students' ability to use the Chinese language effectively for practical communication and to offer insights into the Chinese culture. 

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Our Levels

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